Adult Sewing-Learn Your Machine

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Adult Sewing-Learn Your Machine


Have a sewing machine or serger and unsure how to use it? Then this (2) hr private class is for you! We will walk through your machine's features and functions. This class is a vital first step towards your amazing sewing journey.  

You may bring your own working sewing machine or use one of the new classroom sewing machines.

After registering for the class you will be contacted to schedule your private lesson.

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About the Instructor

Mary Forbes

Mary loves of creating and is passionate in sharing this with others. Mary has always had a curiosity for how things were made and enjoys the freedom of exploring all crafts. She found that when she feeds her creative side her life is filled with joy and balance!

Mary’s goal is to bring handcrafters and the community together to create and learn from each other! Mary’s interest in multiple crafts has led to her to teach craft, beading, embroidery, sewing, and quilting classes. Mary is looking forward sharing her love of handicrafts with others.