Ceramics Handbuilding Workshop (Sat, Aug 11th, 8-12pm & Sat, Aug 18th, 8-10am)

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Ceramics Handbuilding Workshop (Sat, Aug 11th, 8-12pm & Sat, Aug 18th, 8-10am)


Sat, Aug 11th, 8-12 pm & Aug 18th, 8-10 am

There is nothing more fun than putting your hands in clay and transforming it into your own beautiful functional art!

Before pottery wheels, potters used a few basic tools and their hands to bring lumps of clay to life. In this workshop you will learn the basics of “Handbuilding” ceramics by using the coiling, pinch pot and slab techniques. These basic techniques are the building block in ceramics, and once learned open up endless artistic possibilities. At the first class, you will choose 2 of these processes and create your own projects that focus on creativity and self-expression!

Your completed clay pieces will be fired during the week. We will meet a second time for the glazing process. In this class, Cecelia will demonstrate the options for finishing your project and the proper methods of glazing. You will then glaze your project for its final firing.

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About the Instructor


My excitement for pottery began when I was a kid. A speaker came to a school assembly using pottery as a way to demonstrate his message. I don’t remember the message. I do remember the steady manipulation of the clay, the seemingly impossible process of turning a mound of wet, messy nothing into a piece of functional art. 

My takeaway that day was the beauty of pottery. And I have been working ever since then to be the person sitting at the wheel, covered in muddy clay, creating art. Now, many years later, I have a small home studio in my back yard.  I live with my family in the "country" in Issaquah, and our property is covered with trees and blackberry bushes. So, really I live in the forest where deer and rabbits frequently visit, which is great because my 5 year old’s favorite animals are deer and rabbits. We've even had a black bear and a cougar show up to check things out. 

Our forest is a great setting for my studio. It helps me foster a creative, peaceful state of mind. Over the years of practice, I’ve realized that the beauty of pottery is more than the product. For me, the process is the most exciting. I love trying new things, experimenting with the clay and figuring out how to adapt the things that don’t look how I planned.

Pottery is an inspiring mix of beauty and perfect imperfections. Every piece has its unique qualities, and each of the many steps to creating a great piece offers opportunity to showcase its individual beauty. I look forward sharing this amazing process with you!

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