Creativity is contagious, pass it on
— Albert Einstein

It Started with a Button

Mary Forbes, has always loved creating. As a little girl she would sit on her moms feet and play with a tin of buttons, while her mom was sewing. When she was 6, her mom and dad recognized her desire to sew. Her first project was a blue corduroy jumper with beautiful sparkly buttons. Her dad (an engineer) showed her how to layout and "read" the pattern (pictures), and her mom would have her sit on her lap to use the sewing machine. The blue corduroy jumper with sparkly buttons is Mary's first memory of creating and the beginning of her love of all things creative!



Make it yours to bring you joy!

MiY Studio Craft Co., encourages individuals to learn and “Make it Yours.” Studio Craft is a term that was used to describe a item that was created, not necessarily for function, but for the joy it brought the creator. 

MiY Studio Craft Co., wants to encourage all of us to "Make it yours, and bring you joy!"


Mary, a PNW native, is a wife, mother, not for profit finance director and lover of all crafts! She is inspired by the people in her life and the beauty of her surroundings. Life can be crazy busy and she found that creating always calmed her mind, brought balance and great joy! .

For many years Mary held the dream of creating a place where people would gather to create and have community. A place where handcrafters, artists and makers would be relaxed, share knowledge and have FUN!  MiY is that place, and we look forward welcoming you to our community.

Mary sends love and hugs, for all of the wonderful support of this dream, to her husband, children, family, friends and 3 kittens.